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A prosthesis does not have to mean the end of your independence. Getting the right brace does not have to be uncomfortable or difficult. Level Four takes the time to understand and listen to each individual patient circumstance, and partners with your physician and therapist to help you achieve your desired goals as quickly—and as comfortably—as possible. Our scope of services cover all ages, helping adults, children and infants who need prosthetic limbs, custom braces, or cranial remolding services.

Leaders in Orthotic and Prosthetic Innovation

The technology in the orthotics and prosthetics world is constantly changing, and new innovations continue to move you to your desired functional lifestyle. All our clinicians are Board Certified and/or licensed in states which require licensure. Level Four’s dedication to innovation to using the latest technology in this highly technical and constantly evolving field means we provide the clinical solutions that work best for our patients. Level Four will take the time to think outside of the box to incorporate solutions that will help you achieve your functional mobility goals.

Orthotic and Prosthetic Experts

Level Four hires only the best-in-class, most talented and passionate prosthetists, orthotists, technicians and administrators to make up our team of patient care providers. In-house fabrication services allows us to have complete control of our products to ensure we can provide you with the best quality of products and care in a very reasonable timeframe. All of our clinicians at Level Four are committed to expanding their knowledge and treatment techniques through continuing education in orthotics, prosthetics and cranial remolding specialties in order to execute the most effective treatment plan. From the administrator who will assist you with your intake services, to the clinical professional who oversees your treatment plan to the technician who crafts your customized device, you will be cared for by a team of caring and knowledgeable specialists.

Level Four treats a broad range of conditions encompassing all levels of difficulty Visit our Services page to see the scope of services we provide.

22 Clinics Spread Across 8 States

With 22 clinics spread across the United States Level Four has many convenient locations to serve their patients. Visit our Locations  page today and start on the road to maximizing your functional expectations. Let us help you with a new beginning.

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