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Adult Orthotics

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Adult Orthotics

 Living in pain or instability is not the final answer. Often, simply using the proper orthotic device (better known as a  “brace”) can make a huge difference in your day-to-day comfort and well-being. At Level Four, we work closely with your doctor and/or physical therapist in order to create the proper customized or off-the shelf brace that will best serve your specific needs.





Level FOUR is a leader in adult orthotics technology

We realize you wear a brace because you need to not because you want to. Knowing this helps us to do everything we can to make you as comfortable as we can. We’re always up-to-date on the latest technology, so we can use any advances possible to help our patients improve their functionality and recover better and faster.

Adult orthotic services include:

•    Adult Lower Extremity Orthotics 
•    Adult Upper Extremity Orthotics 
•    Lower Leg Bracing 
•    Hip & Upper Leg Bracing  
•    Ankle Splinting 
•    Knee Bracing for Sports 
•    Foot Orthotics 
•    Wrist Splints 
•    Elbow Bracing 
•    Fracture Bracing

•    Cervical Orthoses 
•    Custom Collars 
•    Spinal Orthoses 
•    Scoliosis Bracing 
•    Low Back Pain Bracing 
•    Post-operative Spinal Fusion Bracing 
•    Back Braces for Sports Foot Orthotics 
•    Sports Orthotics 
•    Diabetic Orthotics 
•    Rheumatoid Orthotics

There are Level Four clinics in several states, so  find the one closest to you today.